Reflections after day 1

The ONL course started today and I realize that I have much to learn about digital learning, writing blogs and different online communities. I have worked as a university teacher in various settings for over 15 years, but I have not used e-learning yet. The course that I am responsible for, is a full semester course which includes lectures, labs, dissections, seminars, workshops and clinical placements and it is not possible to make it an online course. However, I understand that us teachers have to make use of the digital tools that are avaliable to come closer to the reality for our students. I teach physiology and meeting students IRL for labs for example is crucial to assess and enhance their understanding of complex theory. With that said though, we also need to find ways to connect with students on a wider front and that’s where e-learning comes in handy. I look forward to learning more about digital tools that I can use for my course, but I have to admit that I (as some of the other participants of this course if I understand the other blogs correctly) feel quite overwhelmed and confused at the moment. I guess it’s good to remember how the students feel at the beginning of the semester sometimes!confusion-confusion



One thought on “Reflections after day 1

  1. Anne Whaits

    I like that you have related your own experience as a student on day one of ONL162 to what your students may be feeling on day one of their course at semester start! And when the learning space is online we should not assume students know how to use the technology to support their own learning….they need some initial support and guidance too.
    PS Love the meme, too!



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