First synchronous meeting

We had the first synchronous meeting today and things are definitely more clear. I was happy to hear that we will soon get our first task because I want to start working. I never realized that the course would be so international, and it’s a very positive surprise!


3 thoughts on “First synchronous meeting

  1. zaaronl

    I’m happy to hear that things are a bit less confusing now Ellinor:-) A good thing is that it will become even more clear as the weeks pass. You will get to know eachother better in the PBL group and work together with the scenarios. It’s going to be great fun and a lot of new experiences for all of us!


  2. pernillaonl

    Hello Ellinor! I´m not sure we met at the first intro meeting at KI before course start, but perhaps…? There where so many new faces.
    Good to hear that your group work is proceeding ok. As for me I think the meetings are a bit confusing. I´m not so used to talk with several persons at the same time without being in the same room. You lose all the physical signs from the others, the normal signals we get in a conversation. It´s easy to speak two or three persons at the same time instead of waiting for one of us to finish, and so on. But that might be just lack of practice on my part.

    The course material so far has been interesting I think. But I can see that I have very little knowledge as it comes to digital design and layout. I think most of you who teach more than me (you wrote somewhere you´ve been teaching for 15 years now!) have better practice in that field. I feel a little frustrated not being able to contribute as much as I´d like to as it comes to presenting the PBL group work for instance.
    Anyway, I wish you luck proceeding with your PBL group work and learning in this course!



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